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Before implementing your marketing activities it is important to have a plan that outlines what will be done, why, results expected, cost, and how tactics are integrated and coordinated.

Integrated Marketing Communications Planning
Planning begins by understanding market dynamics: what do your customers want, what are the trends, what are customers not getting from competitors or elsewhere in the marketplace, what would customers like that they can't even imagine needing.

A comprehensive annual plan identifies and articulates effective tactics and a budget for all activities including advertising, public relations, collateral, Web site, event management, and direct marketing. It also identifies how those tactics work in concert with one another, to enhance overall impact, consistency and results.

Crisis Preparedness Planning and Communication
A crisis is a significant disturbance that can result in extensive news coverage and public scrutiny. The situation has the potential to seriously damage your organization's reputation, interrupt operations and impact financial stability.

Crises can include mergers, acquisitions, reorganization, product recalls, financial distress, management changes, strikes, or legal issues.

We help you identify potential crises that may occur. Then we develop a plan of action that includes specific procedures to follow. We will also work with management to prepare for a crisis situation including conducting one-on-one media training. Finally, we can assist in implementing the plan.

Our Extensive Experience

  • Assisted suicide
  • One of first publicized AIDS deaths
  • Strep A “flesh eating” bacteria
  • Bankruptcy
  • Largest abortion protests in regional history
  • Corporate reorganization
  • Mergers
  • Allegations of sexual abuse

Communication Audit
A Communication Audit provides an overall view of current marketing communication needs, policies, capabilities, activities and programs to help you maximize communication objectives within your budget.

We conduct a thorough inventory and assessment of the quality, effectiveness, development, distribution processes, and credibility of your current marketing communication vehicles and tactics.

The Benefits

  • You will establish priority audiences, determine the information they need, how often to communicate with them and via what channels.
  • You gain a better view of your organization's image as seen by staff, target markets and customers.
  • You obtain the information necessary to develop a comprehensive marketing communication plan that will work for your organization.

When an Audit is Useful
There are many instances when it is imperative to obtain an objective overall assessment of your communication activities. No matter what your objectives are we can tailor a plan to help you get there.

  • Poor results from current communication activities
  • Merger or reorganization
  • Change in management
  • Need to redeploy budget resources
  • Change in strategic direction


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