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brand strategy and corporate identity

Your brand is one of the most important ways to establish and communicate your company's unique position in the marketplace.

Your corporate identity - represented by your logo, collateral, signage, advertising and other applications - conveys who you are. How your identity is applied, used and maintained impacts how you are perceived. Consistent use and application is essential to conveying an image that accurately reflects your company.

Overview of Services
We provide a full range of strategic and creative services to help our company develop a strong and effective brand.

  • Development strategy
  • Naming
  • Logo design
  • Usage standards & guidelines
  • Identity system design
  • Launch strategy & implementation

The Process
We begin with a thorough analysis of your company - your objectives, corporate vision, the competitive landscape, and required applications. Then we develop a positioning strategy that drives the design process.

Once the identity is developed, a system is designed for the required applications - from basic stationery to signage. We can also develop a complete launch plan to announce your new identity to key internal and external audiences.

Usage guidelines are then created to help you use your new logo in a consistent and effective manner.

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